I took up photography when I retired, having been given the experience of a day with Philip Price of Loch Visions and that "lit the blue touch paper" and I have become increasingly interested in taking pictures and improving my skills.

The images on my website are mainly of Scottish landscapes and wildlife - Scotland is an amazing country with a tremendous variety of landscapes and wildlife and it's a great pleasure to explore these and try to capture the essence of what the eye sees in a photograph. One of the real pleasures about photography is being able to switch off from all the other distractions and pressures to focus on getting the image as best you can. Sometimes you can be leisurely about doing so, while at other times quick reactions are needed.
My main interest is in wildlife photography and find the time spent waiting for an opportunity so peaceful and the "rush" when the subject matter arrives is wonderful - and sometimes you get a good shot! It can also be technically demanding, especially when the subject is moving rapidly across the sky, such as a Red Kite!

It's been an interesting summer trying to get to grips with my new cameras. The revised galleries have images from Skye to Aberdeenshire, through Central Scotland to the Scottish borders. Wildlife images come from visits to the Isle of May, the Monadliath Mountains in the Highlands,the Red Kites at Argaty, Argyll, Mull and my own back garden.

For the technically minded, I now use an Olympus OMD M1 Mkii with Zuiko Pro lenses. I also use an Olympus OMD M10